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How do Lipo-B Injections Work?

The Lipo-B (MIC) injection is a product that contains a combination of compounds that have been shown to exhibit lipotropic effects. The lipotropic effects facilitate the burning of adipose tissue within the human body which may, consequently, result in some degree of weight loss. Lipo-B injections are typically used as fat loss supplements, in combination with diet and exercise, in weight loss plans. The combination of products that make up the Lipo-B (MIC) injection are methionine, inositol, choline, and cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).


Benefits of Lipo-B Injections

Lipo-B injections have dozens of benefits. Some of the most notable ones include:

Effective Weight Loss

Improved Metabolism

Increased Energy Levels

Increased Mental Clarity

Generally, lipotropic injections work best for people who are willing to do the work it takes to lose weight—they are not to be confused with liposuction surgery, which is an invasive and expensive surgical procedure that uses suction to remove fat. Lipo injections are instead meant to be used along with a healthy diet and exercise routine to support your body’s efforts in burning fat and building muscle. Unlike surgery, the fat will not be immediately gone, and you will need to get consistent lipo injections and maintain a caloric deficient diet and an active lifestyle in order to achieve the best weight loss results.

If you have tried everything to lose weight or want to maintain the weight you are at, lipo injections are a great weight loss supplement that is cost-effective and minimally invasive. Lipotropic injections, although most commonly used for weight loss purposes, have several positive health benefits other than burning fat. Those who are trying to speed up their metabolism or supplement the nutrients and minerals they are deficient in may also benefit from utilizing lipo injections.


Store this medication at 68°F to 85°F (20°C to 29°C) (plus/minus 20° for temporary travel is okay, but not to exceed 7 days) and away from heat, moisture and light. Do not freeze. Keep all medicine out of the reach of children. Do not flush unused medications or pour down a sink or drain.

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Monthly Subscription

Jumpstart your weight loss & continue to accelerate inch loss with our Monthly Lipo-B Subscription. 

You will receive a start kit, including a sharps container to safely dispose of your needles, band aides, alcohol wipes, "step by step" instruction card & 4 Lipo-B Injections for you to administer/ self inject. One injection per week will elevate your fat loss game!